A webform by which web surfers can send messages (zephyrs) to athena users who have subscribed, and get replies.
Secure Webzephyr
The same client running over https.
Authenticated Webzephyr (signed by the MIT CA)
MIT USERS ONLY: This version allows you to use the certificate you use for websis for authentication. I've decided this authentication is good enough to allow the sending of real personal zephyrs, (people will not need to be subbed to class webzephyr) so you will get a slightly different behavior under this version. To keep netscape from prompting you for a certificate each time you access the page you should go under Security Preferences and tell it to always present the right certificate.

Webzephyr has recently moved hardware and while the basic configuration works a number of internal things may not completely. Let me know what errors you see and I'll see what I can do

People on zephyr wishing to send and receive messages from webzephyr users must read and follow these instructions.

And now, SZS: The zephyr to SMS gateway

See here for more details.